Where did the idea for this story come from?
This story combines a lot of things I love in life: baseball, baseball players, Southern California, cocky guys, and myself (hahahaha). lol  As with all of my books, there are parts that are very true to my life. I took bits and pieces of my memories and twisted and turned them into an entire fictional novel. It's what I do.  :)

Who is Jack based on?
Jack started out being inspired by one very specific guy from college. You know the type- total ladies man, big guy on campus, bad ass, cocky, confident, hot...(but with a lot going on underneath all that, if you're ever lucky enough to find out). But then he grew into a mish mash of a few different guys I used to know, as well as sort of my dream character. You know, the type of guy I wish he was... or wish he had been back then.  Even with all my additions and mish mashing of boys, the core of Jack's personality- the cockiness, the tough facade- all center around one person. And he knows it. Watch out ladies.

Cassie reminds me SO MUCH of you. She is you, isn't she?
Cassie is 100% the most me character i've ever written. I mean aside from Taylor's sassy, smart ass personality in In Dreams- I guess this is the first "main" character that is pretty much me.

I am IN LOVE with the quarters. That was one of the most clever, creative and sweetest things i've ever read!! Tell me that really happened to you!
The f'n quarters!!!! I wish you all could have been there when it DID really happen! LOL It wasn't on our first date though. The real JC pulled out handfuls of quarters and  scattered  them all across the top of my desk in a class we had together. It was super cute, sweet and romantic when he did it then (i'm pretty sure my jaw dropped wide open). I'm glad it came across that way in the book.

What about the scene with the camera? And the guy? And all the running!!! I AM SO MAD ABOUT THAT SCENE!!!!
I wrote that scene in because it happened to me. E X A C T L Y the way I wrote it in the book, minus the camera part (because I wasn't carrying anything that night).  :/  I will never forget that night or the actions of the people who were with me.

Will there be another book? A follow up? A story about Dean & Melissa?
I initially wrote TPG to be a stand alone. That's why I attempted to wrap things up all nice like with a pretty bow. Very rarely do I start a book with the intention to make it a series. Don't get me wrong, it happens sometimes- but it's not usually my intention. I like stand alones.  BUT, with that being said, I never rule anything out. And I wouldn't rule out a sequel to this book...

more coming soon