Sample Chapter


He fiddled with his baseball cap before putting it back on his head and tucking his dark hair underneath. I felt almost mesmerized as he ran his fingers absentmindedly across the white stitching of our school’s initials. I found myself noticing the way his dark blue shirt fit snugly against the muscles in his arms and shoulders. I hated how good looking he was.

He smiled and I swear part of my heart melted right then and there at the sight of his dimples.

I totally suck.

I tried to walk toward Melissa, who was eyeing me with piqued curiosity from across the room, but he blocked my path with his annoyingly perfect body. I quickly moved to the right, but he hopped to his left. I took another step to the left and he quickly moved too.

“What do you want, Jack?” the sass in my voice taking us both by surprise.

“Are you always this hostile?” he teased before forcing his dimples to reappear and my body to flush with heat.

“Only to guys like you,” I responded, my tone clearly annoyed.

“So tell me, kitten, what’s a guy like me?”

“Not worth my time.” I shoved my tray into his gut and when he let out an ooof, I scurried past him.

“You’ll come around,” he shouted.

      "I wouldn't hold your breath."

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